I was watching the news and reading my email  and...



Well “mind” doesn’t seem to confusing does it? Mind is thought, consciousness, and in another usage “care”; as in, “do you mind if I _____?”

It’s “CROSSED” that I think needs more clarification.

I’ve mulled over in my mind for awhile what this site would be and where I might take it. This seemed to be the best description that would encompass the many things it might me, the many aspects of me I might share.

You’ve been warned! The commercial said.... CROSSIN MY MIND is at your own risk.  I may rant about something (and currently there is plenty to rant about). I might discover something delicious in the kitchen, or a great book. I might share insight into something or myself; it may startle me, but maybe you knew all along. Or is it the other way around?

Another caution…I have a penchant for using metaphors. Metaphors aren’t perfect, but sometimes open up new and more directions or unlock another person’s mind. Please pardon the imperfection of metaphors, they are only tools of the imagination.

I don’t know how active this site might be…I have a lot going on in my life. I might have serious and important thoughts that I just have to put on the “back burner” (there’s a metaphor—and you understand that, right?) because something else is going on in my crazy life. I don’t know if I will make it a FACEBOOK page. I just don’t know all that yet. But I’ll share now and then…promise.



These are strictly my thoughts and opinions.  As more information is gained and thoughts are explored those shared opinions may change.  Opinions are formed in accordance with personal experience, various input sources. My experiences are my own "truths" which you can't possible be negated; though alternate perspective can be useful, there are no "alternate facts."

You are welcome to disagree and enjoy your own opinions, just not on my page.  Threats and violence will not be tolerated and will be dealt with according to what may be called for in a particular situation...such as a simple delete, up to a report to law enforcement.

There are only two purposes to my shared thoughts whether they are an affirmation for you or not.  I have experience over the years of my age that may add to someone else's knowledge and connections, and to exorcise the bubbling brew from the pressure and stresses of fracturing.  To put in print my thoughts share something of a historical perspective perhaps, but it also relieves my mind of one topic so I may make a study or something else.

Quoting me is frowned on, but I imagine it is possible--even probably I may find my own words re-appear some place else.  Just sign me: ANON.


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